"Beer is a pleasure and sustenance."

- A Bavarian saying

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About Us

Fine Beers Agency, centred in Toronto, Canada, was founded in the year 2000 by Fred Lavon, both a connoisseur of and someone with a passion for the finest beers the world has to offer. With over 25 years of experience in both the Canadian and European market, a steady shift in consumer demand for premium and imported beers was a clear sign that there was an opportunity to introduce the brands and styles of beer Fred was most passionate about to the Canadian market. Fred considers beer brewing a fine art and Fine Beers was founded with the intention of not only importing these brands, but shifting consumer tendencies, increasing awareness, and ultimately educating the market.

In many of the nations that make up our portfolio, beer is a way of life. With this comes many rules and regulations regarding each brand. This forms the principles that guides us as we continue to represent some of the world’s most premium brands in Canada. Both adhering to and educating the market about the following things forms our passion when it comes to great beer:

  • What styles of beer to drink.
  • Handling and storing.
  • Serving the beer.
  • How to pour.
  • Accompanying each beer with its proper glassware.
  • Tasting.

Today, Fine Beers Agency has grown into the exclusive agent for some of the world’s most esteemed breweries. Each beer style in our portfolio is promoted with excellent promotional material to emphasize its identity and uniqueness. Together with a sub-agent network, Fine Beers continues its goal of both facilitating the growth of and introducing new and exciting brands to Canada and its provinces. Excellent personal relations with the owners and managers is what we have come to be known for as we continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients needs.

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  • fred@finebeers.ca
  • +1 (416) 443-2020
  • Toronto, Ontario