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From Costa Rica’s lush jungles and sparkling beaches comes a luscious beverage export in La Selva Artisanal beer. This summer, La Selva, located in Cabuya de Cóbano on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, became the first Costa Rican producer to export artisanal beer to Canada. The product will be distributed in selected locations of The Beer Store throughout Ontario.

What differentiates the beer produced by La Selva (Spanish for jungle) are the sustainable production methods employed by owner Re’em Jacob as well as ingredient integrity and a particular advantage in water. Located near the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve in Tambor, La Selva’s pristine setting contributes to the essence of its product through the water it uses. “Our location is fundamental to our beer because it gives us access to pure water legally taken from the Cabo Blanco Reserve,” says Jacob. “This makes our product particularly unique compared to other beer.”

The brewery uses traditional methods based on several basic ingredients including malt, hops, water and yeast. It currently produces more than 30,000 liters yearly of fresh unfiltered artisanal beer. La Selva brews six distinct types of beer: Rubia (Belgian Golden Ale), Dorada (Amber), Naranja (Reddish), Castaña (IPA), Morena (Costa Rica Brown Ale) and Oscura (Newporter). “The Rubia is currently the most popular,” says Jacob.

Jacobs points out the high product quality of La Selva’s “Living Ale” brews. “The difference is that a real ale undergoes a secondary fermentation keeping the yeast alive to the point when the consumer drinks it,” explains Jacob. “No artificial gases are required since the CO2 released in the fermentation pressurizes the vessel and naturally carbonates the brew. This prolongs its lifespan while still preserving the aromas. It’s why the quality and the taste of a living ale is bound to be more real than any ordinary beer.”

Jacobs recalls his motivation when he first began developing beer. “It was an extremely natural and organic process,” he says. “I went through an experimentation period of about two years where I tried all kinds of systems and recipes, every trick I could find. Today, making artisanal beer is my passion and I love to share the pure and clean lifestyle of this region through my beer.”

Central to the brewery is the philosophy of life at Cabuya de Cóbano where the beach, jungle and nature join in a necessary equilibrium. “We are creating our product in the jungles of the beach, and we subscribe to a strong concept of sustainability along with the identity we have here,” says Jacob. “Our community surrounds us and is part of us. All of this gets transmitted through our product to the final consumer. We take pride in being the anti-product in an industry where automated cookie-cutter beer is the norm.”

Costa Rica is home to more than 100 artisanal breweries producing over 40,000 liters of beer a year. The sector generates more than 350 direct employment positions and 2,800 indirect jobs. “In addition to enjoying our superior taste, buyers can also know they’re supporting something good for our community,” says Jacob.

With four years in business, La Selva now enjoys a growing market within Costa Rica and other Central American countries. The company looks forward to sharing this artisanal treasure with North American beer consumers.

You can visit their website by clicking here.