New: Gaffel Kölsch

        ‘Cologne’s beer history began in the Early Middle Ages, in 1302. The name ‘Gaffel Koelsch’ refers to a very old tradition in Cologne. In the year 1396 it were the Gaffels who served as the political arms of the guilds and tradesmen in Cologne. The name Gaffel is derived from an old German word for a two-pronged fork. Gaffel trade unions gathered every evening to enjoy food and rink, maintain contact with other members and carry out political discussions. They strove for change and improvement. They wanted to risk more for freedom and democracy. In a peaceful revolution the 22 Gaffels issued a letter of transmittal, which became the first democratic constitution of Cologne, to take over the city council. They then installed the mayors, the lay assessors and the judges.’

After years of eventful and turbulent times in the brewery’s history, it came to end on the 24th of May 1908. This is the date on which the Becker Brothers took over the brewery. Their aims were clear. They rebuilt the building to resemble an old guild house and renamed the top-fermenting beer brewery “In der Gaffel.” The top-fermenting brewery “In der Gaffel” quickly made a name for itself. The executive director is Heinrich Philipp Becker, who represents the fifth generation of Beckers in the business.

The classic Gaffel Koelsch is a particularly fresh speciality beer from Cologne, brewed according to a time-honoured family recipe and the German Purity Law of 1516 with water, malt, hops, and hops extract.

The delicately bitter, pleasant, slightly hopsy taste is characteristic for this traditional product and clearly distinguishes Gaffel Koelsch from all other Koelsch brands.’

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