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Kaiserdom, the largest brewery in Bamberg (located in Bavaria), a city known as ‘the city of beer’, of which a large part is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The history of beer production in this city goes as far back as 1039; a truly amazing history. As a private brewery, they understand the craft, especially after 300 years of operation, continually striving for perfection in the brewing art. They are the largest of the eleven Bamberg breweries. The following is a brief overview of the history of this special brewery:

Beer has a long tradition in Bamberg. The first documented mention goes back to the year 1039. The first official brewing right was granted in 1122 by Bishop Otto I. (1102- 39).

The sovereigns were already at that time concerned about good quality beer. So then passed 1489 the Bamberg Purity Law, determining that nothing but hops, malt and water should be taken when boiling – and thus it came 27 years earlier than the Bavarian Purity Law, which is still valid today!

18th century.
Bamberg obtains the reputation as beer city in the 18th century. Especially in the Schönborn period, when under the prince-bishop Lothar Franz (1693- 1729) and Friedrich Karl (1729- 1746) von Schönborn, strongly promotes trade and handicraft; something like an economic miracle broke out.

In the course of these flourishing years, the brewery was founded, which is recorded in the protocol book of Michelsberg monastery. At that time there were already three monasteries in the village of Gaustadt Inns – with about 300 inhabitants. One of them belonged to the Benedictine monastery St. Michaelsberg in Bamberg – and for this inn Georg Morg, the then Owner, gave permission to set up a brewery.

Around the year 1900 the brewery was called Müllersche Brauerei zu Gaustadt and the owner Anton Müller “only” had four daughters.

Georg Wörner – the grandfather of the current brewery owner – was one of the nine children of the brewery owner Michael Wörner of the Erbacher Brauhaus in Erbach/Odenwald. During his During his years of learning and travel he met Monika Müller – one of the four daughters – in Gaustadt and married on 28 January 1910, when the brewery was renamed Brauerei Wörner, or later Bürgerbräu Gaustadt”.

In 1953 Georg Wörner handed over the business to his two sons Theodor and Ludwig – at that time with an annual output of about 6,000 hl.

In the course of the following years the output could constantly be increased (from 1956 on also non-alcoholic soft drinks were produced), so that the brewery became too small in the mid-60s – there was no possibility for expansion at the old location. Theodor and Ludwig Wörner therefore made the courageous decision to build a completely new brewery on a greenfield site.

After a two-year construction period, the first brew of beer could be produced in the new brewery in March 1969. In a further three construction stages in the following years, the brewery reached its current size of approx. 55,000 square metres and a production capacity of approx. 300,000 hl.

In 1972 the previously independent municipality of Gaustadt was incorporated into Bamberg as part of the regional reform. With this, the considerations of Bamberg itself, with its sights and status, began to be included in the marketing of the brewery. New types of beer called Kaiserdom were created.

After the sudden death of Ludwig Wörner on 22 March 1978, his son Georg Wörner immediately joined the company. At that time he had already completed his studies in Weihenstephan (Dipl.lng.) and Munich (Dipl.Wirtsch.Ing.), but was still in the middle of his obtaining his doctorate under Prof. Narziß in Weihenstephan, which he had to abandon in the interest of the family business. Already at this time Georg Wörner decided not only to distribute the beers throughout Germany, but also to further develop the international export of the Kaiserdom. Today the company exports worldwide, with licensed production in China and Sweden.

On 1 January 1986 Georg Wörner and his family took over the sole ownership of the Brewery company (third generation).

To secure the size achieved and strengthen the future orientation of the company on the German beer market, Georg Wörner brought his college friend into the company in 1998. With him the new business field was developed: Technics + Technology – build partnerships in the areas of contract brewing and contract filling with the numerous German breweries.

Investment in quality and capacity with 8 new ZKG tanks, a centrifuge and a new yeast propagation plant. With these innovations, we also achieve a significant relief of the brewery waste water, including corresponding energy and CO² savings. These technical expansions are also an essential step towards a more environmentally friendly production.

Celebrates its 300th anniversary

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