Sinha Stout

This beer has a long brewing tradition since 1881 under the brand name Lion Stout. Sinha Stout is brewed to exactly the same recipe as Lion Stout but trademark restrictions in Canada necessitated branding under the Sinha trade name which is registered in Canada. Sinha Stout is a hearty traditional stout, very aromatic with lots of chocolate , coffee and toffee flavors. It is a wonderful accompaniment to spicy food and creamy coconut desserts. This fine dark beer was originally brewed by British tea planters up in the central hills in Sri Lanka in their quest for a beer which complemented the local spicy curries. Today Sinha Stout is brewed at the state of the art Lion Brewery which is located close to the capital city of Colombo and rated one of the best in Asia. This beer was endorsed by the late Michael Jackson “ The Beer Hunter “ as one of the best stouts in the world and described it as a tropical stout with distinction.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Beer type: Stout
Alcohol Volume: 8.8%
Available in: Bottles