Kaiserdom Pilsner Premium

Brewed at Kaiserdom, the largest brewery in Bamberg; located in Bavaria, a city known as 'the city of beer', of which a large part is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, since 1993. The history of beer production in this city goes as far back as 1039.

Presented here is the Kaiserdom Pilsner, which, already in appearance, this beer presents its straw-yellow shine with its elegant effervescent carbonic acid and  snow-white, firm foam. Fresh aroma hop scents begins the fragrance, which gradually takes on a hint of spring barley. A fresh, sparkling drink is followed by a slender malt body with a full-bodied hop aroma. The finale presents a long-lasting bitterness along with a slight fruity sweetness.

Country of Origin: Germany
Beverage type: Pilsner
Alcohol Volume: 4.7%
Available in: Cans

Bamberg, Germany.