2 New Beers

    2 New Beers New: Hofbräu Münchner Weisse See the beer by clicking here.Read more about the beer here by clicking here. and   New: Sinha Lager See the beer by clicking here.  

New: Kaiserdom

New: Kaiserdom Pilsner PremiumKaiserdom, the largest brewery in Bamberg (located in Bavaria), a city known as ‘the city of beer’, of which a large part is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The history of beer production in this city goes as far back as 1039; a truly amazing history. As a private brewery, they understand the craft, especially …

New: Gaffel Kölsch

        ‘Cologne’s beer history began in the Early Middle Ages, in 1302. The name ‘Gaffel Koelsch’ refers to a very old tradition in Cologne. In the year 1396 it were the Gaffels who served as the political arms of the guilds and tradesmen in Cologne. The name Gaffel is derived from an old German word for a …

New: Kuchlbauer

        From Germany, one of the oldest beers around, since 1300. The Kuchlbauer Weisse is now available in bottles. The taste: “Rounded and mild, a first-rate wheat beer. Fermented and matured in the bottle with fine yeast following an old Bavarian tradition. Brewed in accordance with the Bavarian purity law. The distinctive fruitfulness interspersed with nuances of …

The New Fine Beers Website

Finally, after hours of work, the new Fine Beers Agency website is up and running! It was designed to be clean, simple, and easily navigable. Please let us know if you have any questions! – Fine Beers