La Selva Rubia

From Costa Rica’s lush jungles and sparkling beaches comes a luscious beverage export in La Selva Artisanal beer. This summer, La Selva, located in Cabuya de Cóbano on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, became the first Costa Rican producer to export artisanal beer to Canada. What differentiates the beer produced by La Selva (Spanish for jungle) are the sustainable production methods employed by owner Re’em Jacob as well as ingredient integrity and a particular advantage in water. Located near the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve in Tambor, La Selva’s pristine setting contributes to the essence of its product through the water it uses. “Our location is fundamental to our beer because it gives us access to pure water legally taken from the Cabo Blanco Reserve,” says Jacob. “This makes our product particularly unique compared to other beer.”

La Selva Rubia has a clear yellow-gold color; there is a soft sweetness from the Belgian sugar candy, which is balanced with the alcohol rather only with the bitterness of the hops, light spicy aroma forming a good combination of the dry hops experience. Highly mineral base water that comes from the first natural reserve in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco, which contributes to the mouthfeel earthy tones. With its medium body, medium bitterness and high alcohol, La Selva Rubia is one of the happiest beers there are.

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Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Beer type: Belgian Ale
Alcohol Volume: 7.8%
Available in: Bottles