Gaffel Kölsch

The classic Gaffel Kölsch is a particularly fresh Cologne beer speciality. It’s a light ale und is served in the traditional 0.2 litre Kölsch glasses which are tall and cylindrical. It is a particularly fresh specialty beer, dedicated bitter, pleasant slightly hoppy taste.

The Kölsch Convention
Kölsch will remain Kölsch. The Kölsch breweries in Cologne and its immediate surroundings agreed to this on March 6th, 1986 to protect the German beer specialty. The Kölsch Convention was signed by the directors of 24 Kölsch breweries, and the ruling determined that Kölsch is not only a type of beer, but also a designation of origin. The guidelines specify that true Kölsch is a top-fermented, light-coloured, clear, highly fermented, hopsy full ale and is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Country of Origin: Germany
Beer type: Kölsch
Alcohol Volume: 4.8%
Available in: 30 Liter Kegs 
Beer Store #: 2292089