Helle Weisse

Enjoying the moment in high spirits: "Meine helle Weisse" - a bright wheat beer with the original Schneider Weisse aroma, full-bodied and intensive. Its mild freshness is reviving and lifts the senses; bright, fruity and refreshing. Naturally cloudy, re-fermented in the can. The perfect companion for daydreaming on a summer's afternoon - Bavarian zest for life!

Country of Origin: Germany
Beer type: Wheat Beer
Alcohol Volume: 4.9%
Available in: Cans, in Ontario & BC


For golden moments by the fireplace: "Mein Aventinus" - the wholehearted, dark ruby coloured wheat beer, intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender. Bavaria's oldest wheat "Doppelbock" - brewed since 1907! Its sturdy body in combination with its sweet malty aroma is an invitation to profound indulgence - an ingenious blend with a strong body.  Perfectly matches rustic dishes, dark roasts and sweet desserts. Numerously awarded, it is intense, complex, well-balanced and soft at the same time. A classic!

Country of Origin: Germany
Beer type: Doppelbock
Alcohol Volume: 8.2%
Available in: Cans in Ontario & BC, Bottles in Quebec


It's the art of brewing in its purest form for true wheat beer connoisseurs: "Original"  – the traditional wheat beer brewed unaltered in accordance with the original recipe of Georg I. Schneider since 1872 – and since then simply marquee. Of a deep amber colour, harmonically balanced and strong. That's what Bavaria tastes like. And that's also what coming home tastes like - in the comfort of your own four walls as well as at your convivial "Stammtisch".

Country of Origin: Germany
Beer type: Wheat Beer
Alcohol Volume: 5.4%
Available in: Bottles, in Quebec